Sweet Smell of Sashimi

Hey all.
Today class went to the “Goutte d’Or” an immigrant quarter in Paris. Really, an immigrant quarter. We were like little ducklings following our teacher around and stopping to “sight-see” amidst market stalls and ethnic quarters. We even canceled our traditional weekly lunches because there was no where to eat. But that’s okay, why? because we made plans for a NUTELLA SUSHI rendez-vous. Yes, you heard me, nutella sushi.

This wonderful chain, called Planet Sushi (not to be confused with the ever popular Pizza planet of the toy story movies), serves delicious and creative sushi in France, Ibiza, and Miami. And, duh, I lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee sushi (and it was SO good.. um, hi delivery every night from now on?), but like I said, we chose it for the nutella sushi. Back story: So one day about two weeks ago, we were talking about the weird things french people like to eat, and nutella came up as being a spectacularly amazing thing that french people like to eat, and then we started talking about the things nutella tastes best with, and then my friend jeremy mentions that some people put nutella on sushi. In the wise words of hannah montana: jeremy say whattttttt? Yeah, I went there. Okay, so he had never actually had this supposed “nutella sushi,” but he did know where one could get it, and so finally we all decided to go give it a try. You only live once, right?

Nutella sushi!

Basically it was an egg dough around rice, nutella, and possibly a fruit like banana or strawberry. And it was actually not bad. Je l’ai aimé. I wouldn’t say I want it for dessert all the time, but it was pretty good. Woo culinary adventures.

Barcelona on THURSDAY, then finals and then homeeeee



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2 Responses to Sweet Smell of Sashimi

  1. shelby says:

    WHERE IN FRANCE IS THIS (im studying abroad in florence next fall)

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