An American (breakfast) in Paris

The time here has absolutely flown. I’m sort of nostalgic already for Paris and speaking french, for walking everywhere and laughing at silly parisians, for sitting in starbucks or reid hall working and reading books, for having the ability to skip down windy streets and to museums at my leisure. I’ll definitely miss it, but I’m also excited to come home and spend time with my fam & friendz at the beach, mountain house, and h-town.

Speaking of, this morning I went to Breakfast in American. Love. Also, I’ve concluded that americans are by far the best at breakfast. As me and a friend eavesdropped over delicious omelettes, we sat at diner stools and drank bottomless mugs o’ joe. The waitresses were american, spoke perf english, and were FRIENDLY (omg. friendly wait staff in paris? gasp.) The menu had an all egg-white and a substitute yogurt for hashbrowns option, and I could order these things without being shunned. Also, whole wheat toast that we got to toast at our table and other english speaking patrons round out the bill. Love. legit. Egg white veggie omelet + yogurt with friendly waiters at diner stools > croissants and dumb baguettes with mean waiters and fancy tablecloths any day. wooo. america ftw!



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"I think about the hands I’ve held, the places I’ve seen, that vast lands whose dirt is caked on the bottom of my shoes. The world has changed me." Amelia Earhart
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2 Responses to An American (breakfast) in Paris

  1. Alexandra says:

    how are waiters in paris able to be so mean?
    a. isn’t it bad for business?
    b. isn’t it bad for personal interest- tips?
    c. doesn’t it make them unhappy to act surly and unhappy all day?
    or d. do they just do it to americans? are they secretly nice and warm and fuzzy?
    but even if d is true, e. doesn’t it make them sad to lead a double life?

    things i wonder about when eating at quick hamburger to avoid parisian waiters ; )

    and hellz yeah america is the bestest. wooo ihop!

    • maryshorey says:

      a) no, because everybody is like that, thusly, no dis-advantage given to unfriendly people
      b) they don’t get tips, because the tips are included in the menu prices/bills. They make full salaries, not like american waiters who make reduced salaries in anticipation of tips. woo the benefits of incentive.
      c) i think that is the french way
      d) nahhh. but i have met some friendly waiters that disprove the stereotype, like the cute young gentleman who served us in an empty restaurant on bastille day. 🙂

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